About the Author

Shopshire Hills
I have been living in South Shropshire since 1991, and in Bishop’s Castle since 2002. The Shropshire hills all round it, and the wildlife they sustain, are an unfailing source of fascination and joy, nowhere more so than the Stiperstones. This high ridge, just a few miles to the north-east, is crested with piles of quartzite rock an estimated 500 million years old. I have been walking regularly on it ever since I moved to Shropshire.
Bishop’s Castle itself is for me the ideal size (2000 inhabitants), big enough to be lively and full of constantly interesting activity, small enough to be organic, friendly and mutually supportive.
Bishops Castle view from Town Hall
Paul Binding and pets

Animals are of immeasurable importance to me; indeed I cannot imagine a life without their constant company. I have four cats: a lavender-and-white mother-cat, and three of her offspring (a fourth lives in the High Street and I see him often). My dog Harvey, a Border Collie born in this neighbourhood, is a friend on whose sympathy with all moods I can rely, just as I did on that of his beloved predecessors. I am vegan, a passionate opponent of any sport that takes animal life, and a supporter of many organisations furthering animal rights or protecting them domestically and in the wild. I have written many articles and given talks on animal matters. I am deeply distressed by proposed badger cull (see After Brock)

Paul Binding can be contacted by email on paulbinding@yahoo.co.uk